Entry #5

Windows 89

2014-05-21 12:39:00 by Ctnumber

Since Windows 59 was suscessfull, I decided to make another one called "Windows 89".

Stay excited for it. I am doing better graphics for it, better animation and new freatures.

I don't really have a preview for it, Windows 59 will come whenever it's done, and I will work for it whenever I want.


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2014-09-01 11:46:33

Can't wait! (actually maybe I can xD) I liked Windows 59 so 89 should be good too, If you have played windows doors that would be a good benchmark. I look forward to it!


2015-12-29 16:55:08

You're certainly improving as a programmer!


2016-01-22 06:14:29

Windows 89 is recently released in 1989/2016 - it's just like Windows 98 but the number is backward.


2016-08-07 15:04:22

Can't Wait! This Game Needs Medals! ;)